Thursday, October 09, 2008

Lets Go Fly a Kite

A few weeks ago Adelyn saw a neighbor flying a kite and thought it was pretty cool. That reminded me she got a kite from Auntie Stacy and Uncle Nick for her b-day (in June!) so I told her when Dad got home we would try to fly the kite. Her response was, of course, 'lets do it right now'. I explained that I wasn't sure I knew how to fly a kite and we should have dad help us, to which she replied "I'll show you how to do it!" (we waited for dad!)

She loved running back and forth through the yards and at first was mad once they got it all the way up in the air, but then she thought it was pretty neat. Although since then she hasn't wanted it to go 'way up high in the sky', just back and forth.

Typical Adelyn fashion ~ "I'll do it by myself"

Typical Alyse, enjoying the action

Close up of her enjoyment

Sweet success!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Go Wild!

We got to take the girls to their 1st Wild game of the hockey season last night (Alyse's 1st game ever). We went in to it with low expectations of what their attention span would be so were very pleasantly surprised to still be there for the Wild victory in overtime--whohoo! Adelyn did a great job of sitting and watching, with the aide of a little popcorn and Alyse seemed to enjoy the action too. She did fall asleep in the 3rd period though and slept through the final goal...which I don't know how! It was a blast having the 4 of us there together. Thanks for getting the tickets honey!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

6 Month Check Up

Clearly I don't need to explain that you are a smiley, sweet natured girl! You keep us entertained that's for sure...and you are becoming quite social. You have found your voice and are not afraid to give a scream if no one is paying attention to you. You love to solicit smiles from others by giving your cute little grin. I took you to a meeting at church last night and despite that you had just gotten 4 shots earlier in the day, you were standing on my lap, looking over my shoulder and smiling at several of the ladies behind us. Of course they couldn't take their eyes off you and you loved every second! The doctor even commented on what a social butterfly you are. You had a lot of stories to tell her at the check up.

And you have been eating food like a pro! Your 1st food was bananas, which you eagerly gobbled up. We have added avocado and sweet potato to the mix as well. When the bowl is gone you keep mmmming for more. It is very cute!

You are close to sitting up. Its not a problem if you've got some pillows around you but otherwise you topple forward after a few seconds. You have been rolling from your back to your stomach for over a month now and can even push yourself backwards, but no forward crawling yet. You love playing with your big sister and save your best smiles for her! You even play Barbies already with us. You hold one and eat her face/hair, your sister takes all their clothes off, and I have fun putting new outfits on them. I know we will all have so much fun together as you continue to grow! We love you!

Weight 16 lbs 3 ozs ~ 67th percentile
Height 28 inches ~ 99th percentile
Head 17.5 inches ~ 95th percentile

Friday, September 05, 2008

Time Flies and so do the Girls

photo courtesy of Stacy who tag-team watched the girls while Jon and I vacationed for our 5 yr anniversary

Because I'm sure you are sick of looking at the same photos, here's a new one. Thank you to Grandma, Nana, Stacy, Nick, and Sis for watching the girls while Jon and I had 5 peaceful days of doing whatever we wanted! Its amazing how much you can accomplish with just 2 adults. We loved the Carolinas and hope to go back soon...

Friday, August 01, 2008

"This" is where its at

Adelyn getting Alyse to laugh out loud for the 1st time

Bethel friends came over for a BBQ--the group has really grown!

What a little cutie...already playing with big sis

Lots of days spent at the zoo with friends and splashing in the water

Alyse before we turned on the air...can you see her frizz?

We are still alive...the computer has been down for a while now but it looks like my awesome husband has gotten us back on the world wide web again...Thank you honey!!! I know it goes without saying but summer is just so wonderful. These past few weeks I can't stop gazing at my girls and feeling like "yeah, this is definitely where its at." They bring us such joy. I love watching them interact and it doesn't get much better than the sweet hugs and smiles from them. What a blessing kids are (I wasn't saying such sweet things at nap time yesterday but we'll forget those few hours...)

We have been having a ton of fun this summer. Lots of swimming, trips to the zoo, parks, time with friends. Please let it never end! Off to the church carnival tonight. I just found out Adelyn can participate (thought it was 5 and up). She is going to be so excited to do the moon bouncer and other games. Can't wait! I hope the sunshine has been good to you as well!

Monday, July 14, 2008

4 Month Check Up

Hard to believe but we just took Alyse in for her 4 month check up. She was a little show off...trying to talk and stand up and she didn't even cry for her shots (just kidding of course). We were just in last week for a little pink eye (of course it had to be the week before the appt.) but all looks good now. Her weight has dropped percentiles while her height continues to climb. The doc said she is not worried about her weight at all because it is common to shift around in the first 6 months as the body gets to where it should be and 68th percentile is still a pretty good sized baby...above average :) We sure love this little girl! Here are her stats:

Weight ~ 13 lbs 11 ozs = 68th percentile
Height ~ 26 inches = 98th percentile
Head ~ 16 inches = 55th percentile

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sweat Pea

"Daddy's Little Sweat Pea"

How can a newborn do that? What? She's almost 4 months old?!

So my little girl is growing up so quickly! I love the big smiles, coos, and strength she is developing. She regularly surprises me with how strong she is...first holding her head so well, then standing on my lap (with assistance of course), and now trying to rollover. She can really move around in her crib and get her head facing the opposite way of how I laid her down. I find myself often thinking "How are you doing that?" But then need to remind myself that the days are flying by. I look forward to the days when the girls can really play together but already feel sad that my newborn is growing up! Alyse you are very sweet (except in the car). You bring us such great joy! We love watching you grow!